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Ready to buy or sell a home? We’re here to help. From finding the home of your dreams to financing it, we want to make every step in your home-buying experience as easy and affordable as possible.

Our HomeAdvantage® service gives you access to MLS listings, a network of experienced agents, and big savings at closing. HomeAdvantage® empowers you as a member by offering a full range of tools and resources that you need to search for homes, connect with an experienced real estate professional, and earn a generous rebate at closing.

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Find your next home by searching current MLS listings made available through HomeAdvantage®. Then, save your favorite searches and get email alerts when new properties come up.

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Need a real estate agent? The HomeAdvantage® program has some of the best local agents to help you buy or sell.

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Earn Cash Rewards

Buy or sell your home with a HomeAdvantage® agent and qualify for HomeAdvantage® Cash Rewards at closing.

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Home Buying Tips

Are you planning to buy a new home this year? Here are a few tips on making your journey even easier.

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Get Pre-Approved

Before you get serious about the home you want find out how much house you can afford with a pre-approval.

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Find out how much you can afford for a home

Find out how much you can afford for a home

Use our Affordability Calculator for an estimate on what you could be paying at closing.

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With a broad range of lending programs that are competitively priced, and a dedication to the the credit union philosophy, you can trust MAM to help you make the best home decisions. From finding to financing, MAM is here for you.

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