The better way to get your members
from A to homeownership.

We’re building the mortgage CUSO version of a high-speed train.

If you’re currently offering a vehicle to homeownership for your members or considering building your own, you should be asking if that vehicle is…

Keeping internal expenses reasonably low?

Able to avoid getting derailed by compliance issues?

Always improving and gaining efficiency?

With Member Advantage Mortgage, the train is always running and improving the experience based on feedback from your members and your staff.

We can help you get and stay on track to exceptional member mortgage experience alongside expert support for your credit union and staff. To see how, take a ride down the line.

Better member experiences

Build member trust with co-branding

The rails on our track will always run in parallel. Co-branded origination, servicing, marketing and more strengthens member loyalty, credibility, respectability.

Member-friendly responsiveness

We create a mortgage experience that is as user-friendly as stepping aboard. With MAM as your CUSO partner, our responsiveness means your members can depend on us to arrive with answers on their path to homeownership.

Automation with a human touch

Your members desire convenience to help them achieve their homeownership goals. However, they don’t need to navigate their way to homeownership by themselves. MAM removes obstacles to progress through technological solutions, while guiding the way through personal communication.

Speed, with efficiency

On time, on schedule, consistently. That’s our philosophy from origination to close. The majority of our loans are cleared to close within 30 days of application, and we’re always  innovating to drive this timeframe even lower.

We never derail relationships

We know that relationships are at the core of everything you do for members. When we partner together, we ensure you those relationships are not for sale and never will be.

Engineered for success with excellent CU support

Customized for your community

With MAM as your partner, we help you connect with members where they are, to help them get where they’re going. That’s why we develop a custom mix of products, marketing, and technology based on your member’s needs.

Direct access to support

We’ll be your conductor, with CU-minded lending expertise across sales, operations, products, technology, and marketing. We ensure partner inclusion and direct communication with MAM leadership for support, launching new initiatives, and more. We want you to feel as if we’re an extension of your team. Or like you’ve added an express line.

Growth-minded collaboration

As a member-partner, you help design the map and we grow together. That means collaboration on new products and processes that help make mortgages accessible to more people in your community.

Wait, doesn’t growth mean growing pains? Not on this train. We ensure every track we lay together is solid, which means increased capabilities and member satisfaction at significantly lower cost. Let’s get these wheels moving; get in touch!

Direct communication with MAM leadership

“Serve the whole member, throughout their life.”

Discover how UMassFive College Credit Union deepened member relationships by partnering with Member Advantage Mortgage, including developing a unique mortgage product for medical residents in their local community.

All aboard to smoother homeownership journeys.

Easier, more convenient mortgage experiences lead to more success,
like going from station to station. Here’s how:

Sell more products
through loyalty

Retain and earn more

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met consectetur

Let’s put growth in locomotion.

It starts with a conversation. We can build momentum from there. Drop your information below and someone will be in touch for on-time departure.


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