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February 2023

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Did you know that customers who apply for a mortgage are two to three times more likely to also seek auto loans or credit cards?

Buying a home represents the largest investment most people ever make. If you gain a member’s trust as they navigate the home buying process, they’ll be more inclined to trust you with their other financial services needs.

This is why it’s critical for your mortgage marketing campaigns to provide valuable information when and where members need it. Here are four tips to help you do that.

Most people start the mortgage shopping process by doing their own research online. With unlimited access to oftentimes conflicting information it can be difficult to know who to believe.

Make sure you’re giving members information and tools to help them learn about their mortgage product options, with access to live help should they want or need it. Our Mortgage Payment Calculator shows members what their monthly mortgage payment would be with current interest rates for the most popular mortgage products. Contact us and we’ll help you get it added to your website if you haven’t done so already.

Paradoxically, while many people begin the process to find a mortgage online, many consumers still prefer walking into a branch to get the specific details.

In a survey of about 3,000 people, Statista found that people preferred in-person branches over call centers, online banking, and mobile apps when it came time to apply for a loan, open a new checking account, and to get financial advice.

The most interesting aspect of this study is it was conducted in March of 2021—during the height of the pandemic. This demonstrates just how strongly consumers feel about getting accurate information for their most important financial transactions.

In most cases, consumers aren’t experts in the mortgage industry. You have something they desperately need, but may not directly ask for: insight.

Sharing the experiences others have had either through stories in your marketing collateral or member-testimonials will set homebuyers at ease. The insight you offer to members will help them think through and evaluate all their options, so they can choose the best solution for their needs.

Just like your members can turn to you for financial advice, you can always turn to us for advice on marketing mortgage products.

We have a robust library of marketing assets, including digital and collateral templates, emails, website articles, video and more. These resources can strengthen your mortgage marketing efforts, helping you attract and retain members.

Reach out anytime if you want help developing a marketing strategy using those assets.

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