What are Discount Points and Should I Buy Them?

There are so many specialized terms in real estate finance. One of the trickier ones that has a real impact on the long-term cost of your mortgage is “discount points,” sometimes referred to as “mortgage points.” If your lender starts describing how to buy down points and you feel lost, don’t worry. We’ll explain all […]

Today’s Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Could be a Good Option

Most of us who watched the fallout of the housing crash of 2008 and subsequent Great Recession have heard that adjustable rate loans made by subprime mortgage lenders were to blame. Because of the crash, borrowers have been wary of adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), but that is rapidly changing. It’s worth examining why ARMs are […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Rate Locks

If you’ve already begun researching what it means to buy or sell a home, you’re probably well-aware that in the world of real estate, numbers can change every day. You might also know what a rate lock is. Rate locks can be great tools to protect your budget as you go through the origination process […]

6 Tips For Figuring Out Where You Should Live

Where you live influences every aspect of your daily life. When most first-time homebuyers start looking at homes, it’s easy to focus too much on the home itself, while forgetting the cardinal rule of real estate: location location location! Here are six tips for homebuyers to make sure they love every aspect of their new […]

9 Tips for Finding a Home

Time to read: 3 ½ minutes Few things match the excitement that comes with deciding to buy a home. If you’re like most homebuyers, the first thing you do is start looking at what’s available in your area. You may quickly discover that there are a lot of homes on the market (141.95 million in […]

What Homebuyers Need To Know About Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is an important protection for you and your new home, and is required by most lenders when buying a house.  We’ve listed some information about the different types of insurance to help you during the homebuying process. Read policies carefully so that you understand the standard exclusions and exceptions.   Key Takeaways   Remember […]